Connor Garnett

#3 in the world for men's singles, Connor Garnett is an epic player and coach, providing clinics in the U.S. and looking abroad for coaching in destinations such as Iceland, other areas of Europe, Australia, and elsewhere.  For your group of 12-20 inquire about availability for Connor to coach your group in amazing destinations around the world. Watch Connor's Youtube video.

And an Instagram clip here.

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Gary Zins

Gary Zins is a certified PPR instructor coaching skill levels 2.0-3.5.  Excelling in coaching beginners on improving fundamentals and improving tournament play for those who have played in tournaments.  With experience playing in several PPA tournaments this year, Gary helps players improve tournament play, as well as drilling techniques, and insight into paddle choice, exercise routine, and mastering doubles play such as roles and stacking.  Having experienced more than a dozen all-inclusive resorts with pickleball, as well as ocean cruises, a river cruise, and many countries in Europe and the Caribbean with pickleball, Gary integrates the best of his knowledge of destinations and pickleball for your group.