About us

I'm Gary Zins. My journey with pickleball began in mid 2022 when my new love of pickleball convinced me to pivot my travel agency almost entirely towards pickleball destinations. Since then, I have personally experienced 15+ all-inclusive resorts, sailed on 4 different cruiselines, 1 river cruiseline, and 15 different countries--all with pickleball--and have played in three international tournaments, while developing many pickleball connections along the way. I am a certified PPR pickleball coach, avid pickleball player, and traveler. Together with my partners, my goal is to discover the best pickleball destinations for your group.

About Us

Best Pickleball Destinations In The World

From the Bahamas to Venice, we have connections to amazing pickleball destinations.

Just Play Pickleball

We partner with the destinations to provide regular pickleball play while away, with or without coaching.

Friends And Family Trips

Have a group of family or friends who like pickleball? Invite them along, for an unforgettable getaway at reduced prices. Don't play pickleball, but want to tag along? No problem, you will never pay more booking with us than booking direct on your own.

Group Travel Planning

We maximize the benefits for your group.  We have the knowledge, resources, and connections with the resorts and cruises to make planning pickleball vacations seamless.  Unsure about current protocols or which trip is the right one?  No problem, Book a call with us to learn more!

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What Our Clients Say

"Gary at Pickleball Travel did a great job of planning our trip to Ochos Sandals Resort in Jamaica. In the months leading up to our group's trip, he sent several updates with suggestions. One of the most valuable was to suggest we pay a little extra before the trip for a service in the airport which saved us 2-3 hrs standing in a very long line, longer than I've ever seen at Hartsfield ATL! Gary also got on a couple issues involving the pickleball courts that weren't up to standard our 1st morning. The staff fixed it on the 2nd day and they even gave us a special private beach party to make up for their mistakes."

- Linda Berl

"This was my 1st time to visit a Sandals resort and everything was great. Gary helped our group to plan our pickleball trip. He provided helpful information and checked on us if everything was going well. He will do a great job to help you plan your upcoming trip."

- Ronald Satterfield

"Gary is great to work with! He listens, is detail oriented, and was understanding and flexible with my group’s last minute changes/needs. He communicates and works in a timely manner. Would definitely recommend!!"

- Amber Luitjens