• PPA PRO Player

  • Fluent In Spanish & Enligh (From Spain)

  • 5.7 DUPR

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Claudio Quiñones García is a rising star in the world of pickleball, known for his dynamic playing style and strategic prowess on the court. With a background in competitive tennis, Claudio seamlessly transitioned to pickleball, quickly making a name for himself in the sport. His highlights include winning multiple regional championships and consistently placing in the top ranks at national tournaments. Claudio's exceptional footwork, powerful serves, and keen tactical acumen have earned him accolades from peers and fans alike. Beyond his impressive skill set, he is also recognized for his sportsmanship and dedication to promoting pickleball in his local community, making him a beloved figure both on and off the court.

Pro Tips From PPA Pro 

Training with Claudio Quiñones García, a professional pickleball player, can significantly elevate your game. His expertise, honed through years of competitive play and rigorous training, offers invaluable insights into advanced techniques, strategic play, and effective footwork. Claudio's personalized coaching approach helps identify and improve your weaknesses while enhancing your strengths, ensuring a well-rounded skill set. Additionally, his emphasis on sportsmanship and mental fortitude prepares you for high-pressure matches, making you a more confident and capable player. Learning from Claudio not only improves your technical skills but also instills a deeper understanding of the game, boosting your overall performance and enjoyment of pickleball.

Why Book with Claudio & Pickleball Travel?

Claudio Quiñones García's Spanish nationality brings a unique and enriching dimension to traveling and playing pickleball with him. Fluent in both Spanish and English, Claudio seamlessly navigates cultural and language barriers, enhancing the travel experience for his companions. His deep understanding of Spanish customs and hospitality ensures a warm and welcoming atmosphere, whether you're exploring local attractions or engaging with international players. Claudio's ability to connect with diverse communities fosters a sense of camaraderie and inclusivity on the pickleball court, making each trip not only about improving your game but also about embracing a richer, more immersive cultural adventure.

Pickleball Vacation Highlights

Daily Training Sessions: Participate in focused training sessions each day, where Connor will guide you through drills and exercises designed to improve your game.

Match Play Analysis: Engage in practice matches with real-time feedback and analysis from Connor, helping you apply what you've learned and refine your techniques.

Group Clinics: Benefit from group clinics where you can learn from and with other players, sharing tips and experiences in a supportive environment.

Off-Court Activities: Enjoy a variety of leisure activities, from relaxing on the beach to exploring local attractions, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable trip.

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